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Epiphone Toby Deluxe Bass IV Bass Guitar in Translucent Amber - TBD4TABH

Epiphone Toby Deluxe Bass IV Bass Guitar in Translucent Amber - TBD4TABH
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Epiphone is proud to reintroduce the classic bass that players have been waiting for: the Toby Deluxe IV. The original "Toby" brought real innovation to modern bass players. And now, Epiphone and Tobias team up again to bring back this classic design, which makes cutting edge sounds available to all bass players.

Cutting Edge Design

The Toby Deluxe IV features a solid basswood body and a flush-mount, low profile, adjustable bridge. The Toby Deluxe IV's most legendary feature is its hard maple Tobias Asymmetrical Neck profile, which is a bolt-on design with recessed bolts and washers for easy adjustments. Tobias basses were among the first to feature an asymmetrical neck, a design in which the neck is thinner on the lower side than on the upper side. The asymmetric shape feels less bulky than standard bass necks for maximum hand comfort. While these satin finished necks might "feel" thinner, there is still sufficient thickness on the upper side to provide for excellent strength, stability and best of all deep, rich tone. Your thumb will find easy reference as your hand glides up and down the fretboard. The neck has a 34" scale length for enhanced clarity, a rosewood fingerboard with a 12" fingerboard radius and a 1.68" nut. Satin finish options include Trans Amber, Trans Black, Trans Red and Walnut and Ebony.

Classic Electronics
The Toby Deluxe IV features classic Tobias-designed pickups with a Tobias SCR single coil pickup in the neck position and a Tobias SCT single coil pickup at the bridge. Controls are black, all metal knurled knobs and include Neck Volume, Pickup Blend with center Detent, and Master EQ. In addition, an Active Tonexpressor Bass Enhancement Control enables you the option of creative blends and is a powerful ally on stage when you need to make fine adjustments to cut through dense mixes. The Active Tonexpressor uses an easy-to-change 9-volt battery.


Epiphone Hardware
Epiphone is known for making the best hardware in the business. The Toby Deluxe IV includes deluxe die-cast tuners with a 14:1 ratio to ensure tuning stability along with a fully adjustable flush-mounted, low-profile bridge.

Species - Basswood

Species - Hard Maple
Profile - Tobias Asymmetrical
Truss Rod - Standard Adjustable

Species - Rosewood
Frets - 24 Medium Jumbo
Radius - 12"
Scale Length - 34"

Neck Position - Tobias SCR Single-Coil
Bridge Position - Tobias SCT Single-Coil

Potentiometers - 1 Neck Volume, 1 Pickup Blend with center Detent, 1-Master EQ, 1-Active Toneexpressor Bass Enhancement Control
Output Jack - Traditional 1/4"
Power - 9-Volt Battery

Model - Black Epiphone Deluxe
Tuning Ratio - 14:1

Type - Flush-Mount, Low Profile Fully Adjustable
Plating - Nickel with Black Finish

Knobs - Black Knurled Metal Dome
Strings - .045 - .105, Swedish Steel "Hex" Core