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Ibanez AG Artcore Hollow Body Electric Guitar in Black Flat - AG85BKF | DISCONTINUED AND OUT OF STOCK

Ibanez AG Artcore Hollow Body Electric Guitar in Black Flat - AG85BKF | DISCONTINUED AND OUT OF STOCK
This item is out of stock.

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The Ibanez AG85 succeeds in delivering authentic jazzbox tone and response at a low cost of entry.

The fully hollow lindenwood (basswood) body is light and resonant in the hands, creating, together with the Gibraltar Performer bridge and VT06 "trapeze" tailpiece, a balanced foundation for the Johnny Smith- and Seth Lover-inspired Magic Touch-Mini floating humbuckers to work their mojo. The body joins a 3-piece set-in neck of nyatoh and maple by way of a sculpted Venetian cutaway that's perfect for grabbing high octaves up the neck. The AG85's glassy ebony fingerboard plays great and arrives dressed to the nines in black binding and Ibanez's Acrylic Block inlays. Gold hardware and a satin poly finish add an upscale touch to this great-performing hollowbody.

Floating Magic Touch-Mini humbuckers
The AG85's mini humbuckers are positioned above the surface of the arched top (one mounted to the neck and one mounted to the pickguard), so there's no interference with the vibration of the top. The alnico elements allow even complex chord voicings to ring out loud and true, with a healthy blend of definition and warmth that sounds great clean or dirtied up.

Set-neck construction yields big sustain
The set-in nyatoh/maple neck on the Artcore Expressionist AG85 creates a solid connection between the body and neck. on neck design. That means robust vibrational transfer from stem to stern, which means you get a fast attack and long, long-lasting sustain. Plug in the AG85 and turn your amplifier up, and you'll see exactly what we mean.

Smooth-playing bound ebony fretboard
One thing setting the Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AG85 apart from other hollowbodies in its class is the bound ebony fretboard. The high strength and density of ebony is common on high-end instruments, and the fretboard binding adds an elegant look while also enhancing playability. Acrylic Block inlays give this AG85 add an additional touch of old-school jazz cool.


  • Archtop jazzbox with floating mini-humbuckers
  • Price-defying tone and performance
  • Lindenwood (basswood) body with Gibraltar Performer bridge and VT06 "trapeze" tailpiece creates a balanced tonal foundation
  • Set-neck construction means big sustain
  • Fret-accessible Venetian cutaway
  • Stable 3-piece nyatoh/maple neck
  • Bound ebony fingerboard with Acrylic Block inlays
  • Floating Magic Touch-Mini humbuckers don't inhibit top sustain
  • Gold hardware and pickguard