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Line 6 Variax SHURIKEN SR270 SBE Electric Guitar in Satin Black - SHRKNSR270SBE | DISCONTINUED AND OUT OF STOCK

Line 6 Variax SHURIKEN SR270 SBE Electric Guitar in Satin Black - SHRKNSR270SBE | DISCONTINUED AND OUT OF STOCK
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Unlock the Unorthodox.


Modern instruments for modern guitarists.

Shuriken Variax guitars resulted from a collaboration between Shuriken Guitars, Line 6, and Yamaha® Guitar Development.

They are modern, high-quality instruments featuring unique body shapes with contoured edges, Indian ebony fretboards, custom mid-gain humbucking pickups, and all of the sonic versatility provided by Variax HD technology.

Shuriken Variax guitars come with a Shuriken premium padded gig bag.

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Choice of 27" and 25.5" scale lengths.

Shuriken Variax guitars are available in two scale lengths. The Shuriken Variax SR270 (This Guitar) features a longer 27” scale length that will feel familiar to many players using lower tunings, while the Shuriken Variax SR250 features a traditional 25.5” scale length.


Custom models and tuning presets.

Variax HD technology makes it possible to instantly access the sounds of dozens of legendary electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and other fretted instruments with the twist of a knob—and switching between alternate tunings is just as easy. You can also design custom instruments and tunings, then load them into your guitar as presets using the free Workbench HD application.


Venture even further beyond the orthodox.

Although Shuriken Variax guitars can easily be incorporated into any guitar rig, pairing them with a Line 6 Helix®, POD® HD, or Firehawk® modeler unlocks their full potential. Create custom presets that change tunings as well as amp, effect, and guitar model settings—all with the touch of a footswitch.


Shuriken Premium Colors

Variax Shuriken Premium Colors began as a collection of concept finishes displayed at trade shows as alternatives to the standard Satin Black finish, designed to broaden the instrument’s appeal to a wider range of players. As a result of the enthusiastic response to those finishes, Line 6 has made small quantities of Shuriken Variax guitars in Premium Colors, available at select dealers throughout the world.