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Zildjian ZBTP390A ZBT 390th Pro Cymbal Pack - DISCONTINUED AND OUT OF STOCK

Zildjian ZBTP390A ZBT 390th Pro Cymbal Pack - DISCONTINUED AND OUT OF STOCK
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Zildjian ZBTP390-A ZBT 5 Piece (14/16/18/20) Cymbal Set features a bright, intense sound that cuts through the mix.

The Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Set gives you the sharp and focused "chick" of a pair of 14" ZBT hi-hats, the explosive impact of a 16" ZBT crash, and the lively stick definition of a 20" ZBT ride. What's more, you get to expand your kit with the included bonus 18" ZBT crash cymbal! Zildjian's ZBT series cymbals are designed to give you crisp, incisive sound at an incredibly affordable price.

This pack includes:
  • 14" ZBT HiHats
  • 16" ZBT Crash
  • 20" ZBT Ride
  • 18" ZBT Crash - ADDED VALUE
The Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Set instantly puts the sonic power of bronze to work for you. Zildjian starts with preformed, uniform-thickness discs of copper/tin alloy.

Then fashions them into fast, bright, and powerful musical instruments that juice your kit with musicality and Zildjian performance. Sheet bronze cymbals like the ones in this ZBT 5 Box Set are higher pitched and have more focused overtones and faster decay than cast bronze cymbals. They also exhibit more sonic consistency from cymbal to cymbal.

  • Save some cash with this ZBT series cymbal pack
  • Sheet bronze cymbals for focus, fast decay, and consistency
  • Value-packed bundle includes 14" ZBT hi-hats, a 16" ZBT crash, and a 20" ZBT ride
  • Special Bonus: includes a free 18" ZBT crash
  • Traditional Finish
  • Bright/Mid Sound