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Welcome to The Arts Music Store, Canada's premier destination for 8+-string guitars! Our expertly curated selection features top-quality instruments from renowned brands, perfect for musicians seeking to unlock new creative possibilities and expand their tonal range. Explore genres like progressive metal, djent, and experimental rock with our exceptional 8, guitars, designed to deliver unparalleled playability and sound quality.  We also have 10 and 12 string electric guitars as well.

As Canada's trusted musical instrument store, we are proud to offer free shipping across the country, ensuring your dream 8+ string guitar arrives safely and promptly. Discover your ideal instrument and elevate your playing experience with The Arts Music Store today.

Buy 8+ String Guitars in Canada

Welcome to The Arts Music Store's 8+ string guitars collection, a carefully curated selection that showcases the finest instruments for musicians seeking expanded tonal range and creative possibilities. As a leading online musical instrument store in Canada, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch guitars that cater to players of various styles and skill levels.

Our 8+ string guitars collection features premium models from renowned brands, such as Ibanez, Schecter, and Jackson, ensuring that you receive instruments that surpass expectations in terms of craftsmanship, playability, and sound quality. These guitars provide you with a broader palette of tones and techniques, perfect for versatile players who love to explore different genres, from progressive metal to jazz fusion.

At The Arts Music Store, we understand the unique needs of musicians and are committed to delivering exceptional customer service alongside our top-quality instruments. Our expert team is always available to help you make the perfect choice or provide support with any questions or concerns. Discover your next 8-string guitar and unlock your full potential by browsing our remarkable collection today.

What are the benefits of playing an 8-string guitar compared to a 6-string or 7-string guitar?

Playing an 8-string guitar offers several benefits over its 6-string and 7-string counterparts. The extended range, with additional lower and sometimes higher strings, allows for greater versatility in playing various styles, including progressive metal, jazz fusion, and experimental music. The wider tonal palette enables players to explore new chord voicings, tapping techniques, and unique melodic possibilities. Additionally, the 8-string guitar promotes creativity and experimentation, pushing musicians to expand their boundaries and develop innovative approaches to composition and performance, all while maintaining the familiar feel of a traditional guitar.

Can I use standard guitar strings on an 8-string guitar, or do I need specialized strings?

Standard guitar strings are not suitable for an 8-string guitar, as they are designed for 6-string instruments and lack the necessary length and thickness for the extended range. Instead, you will need specialized 8-string guitar sets, which include strings tailored for the lower and sometimes higher pitches. These strings are designed to maintain proper tension and intonation on the 8-string guitar's extended scale length. Leading string manufacturers offer dedicated 8-string sets, ensuring that you can find the ideal gauges and materials to suit your playing style and achieve the desired tone.