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Experience the deep, resonant voice of the Taylor Baritone Series. Crafted for musicians seeking to diversify their sound, these guitars offer a rich, lower-register tonality. Discover the depth of music with Taylor – where extraordinary range meets world-class craftsmanship.

Choose from an array of distinctive acoustic voices in Taylor's Baritone Guitar series.

Welcome to The Arts Music Store, your reliable destination for high-quality musical instruments in Canada. We are thrilled to present the Taylor Baritone Series, an exceptional range of guitars crafted by the prestigious Taylor Guitars.

Founded in 1974, Taylor Guitars has made its mark in the industry with relentless innovation and superior craftsmanship. The Taylor Baritone Series carries forward this legacy with its distinctive deep, rich tonal range that sets it apart.

This series features guitars designed to play in a lower register, expanding your musical horizons and offering a unique voice to your compositions. The Baritone Series brings Taylor's uncompromising commitment to quality, making these guitars a choice for both dedicated baritone enthusiasts and adventurous guitarists seeking to diversify their sound.

Embrace the Taylor Baritone Series – a celebration of depth and range. Experience the power of a lower register, resonating with the unmatched quality of Taylor Guitars.