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Introducing the Taylor Baby Series - compact powerhouse guitars designed for mobility without compromising on sound. Ideal for travel and convenient practice, these guitars deliver the iconic Taylor quality in a smaller package. Embrace the Baby Series today – where small size meets big performance.

Taylor's most compact guitar, the iconic Baby Taylor is perfect for kids and travelers. For a larger option, try the Big Baby.

Welcome to The Arts Music Store, your trusted partner for all things music in Canada. Today, we're delighted to showcase the Taylor Baby Series from the distinguished Taylor Guitars.

With its inception in 1974, Taylor Guitars has been a pillar of quality and innovation, capturing hearts worldwide. The Baby Series stays true to this reputation, designed meticulously to offer a compact yet potent musical companion.

The Taylor Baby Series presents an unbeatable combination of portability, playability, and Taylor's trademark sound. Ideal for traveling musicians or those seeking a quality second guitar, the Baby Series delivers the high-end Taylor experience in a smaller, more convenient package. These guitars pack a punch far beyond their size, making every strum an event to remember.

With the Baby Series, you're not just buying a guitar, but securing an intimate musical journey. Experience the magic of Taylor Guitars today – compact in size, immense in impact.