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Welcome to The Arts Music Store's Left-Handed Bass Guitar collection, a testament to our commitment to cater to all musicians, irrespective of their playing style As one of Canada's leading online music stores, we understand the unique needs of left-handed bassists and are dedicated to offering a diverse range of instruments that meet these requirements.

Our Left-Handed Bass Guitar collection features instruments from industry-leading brands such as Fender, Ibanez, and Schecter, each promising unparalleled craftsmanship, sound quality, and playability. These bass guitars, designed specifically for left-handed players, ensure comfortable playing and optimal tonal range, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional.

At The Arts Music Store, we believe that every musician deserves the best. Our expert team is available to guide you in finding the perfect left-handed bass guitar that fits your style, skill level, and budget. Browse through our collection today and experience the exceptional quality we offer.


Left Handed Bass Guitars

Are there any notable artists or bands known for using left-handed bass guitars in their music?

Yes, several notable musicians are known for their mastery of the left-handed bass guitar. Perhaps the most iconic is Paul McCartney of The Beatles, who played a Höfner violin bass in his distinctive left-handed style. Similarly, James LoMenzo, who has performed with bands like Megadeth and White Lion, is a well-known left-handed bassist. Jimmy Haslip, a founding member of the jazz fusion group Yellowjackets, is another recognized left-handed player who played a right-handed bass strung in reverse. These artists have made significant contributions to music and continue to inspire left-handed bassists around the world.

Can I restring a right-handed bass guitar to use it as a left-handed instrument?

Yes, it's possible to restring a right-handed bass guitar for left-handed playing, but it's not always ideal. While restringing can work in a pinch, the guitar's design aspects—like the position of the cutaway, control knobs, pickup switch, and the nut's setup—may not be suited for left-handed play. Additionally, any asymmetry in the body or neck design could affect comfort and playability. If you're a left-handed player, it's usually best to invest in a bass guitar specifically designed for left-handed use to ensure optimal performance and ease of play.