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DW 2000 Series Double Bass Pedal Chain Drive - DWCP2002

DW 2000 Series Double Bass Pedal Chain Drive - DWCP2002
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For reliable and affordable double kick action, the DW DWCP2002 2000 Series pedal delivers. Its single chain cam design and offset cam provide quick response and recovery, while the all-metal construction ensures durability. Plus, the unique single-post casting allows for closer positioning to the hi-hat. With Flyweight beaters, the DWCP2002 has you covered.

  • Offset Turbo Cam is fast and responsive
  • The Single-Post Casting design lets you easily move between the hat-side pedal and the hi-hat.
  • The sturdy steel base plate and rugged all-metal design can handle the rigors of live shows without breaking a sweat (or a chain!).
  • Dual-Adjustable Toe Clamp keeps drum and pedal connected
  • Bearing Spring Rocker Assembly ensures a smooth recovery
  • Adjustable spikes for non-slip action
  • Hook and loop strips prevent drum creep
  • Includes DW's DWSM107 Flyweight beaters