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Casio 61-Key Vocal Synthesizer Portable Keyboard -Touch Response - CTS1000V

Casio 61-Key Vocal Synthesizer Portable Keyboard -Touch Response - CTS1000V
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  •  61 full-size touch response keys plus pitch bend wheel
  •  Bright backlit LCD display with easy, intuitive interface
  •  3 assignable knobs for controlling modulation, effects, filters, and much more
  •  Vocal synthesis with personalized lyrics via the free Lyric Creator app
  •  800 AiX-powered Tones and 243 full accompaniment Rhythms
  •  Editable DSP effects
  •  Powerful bass-reflex stereo speaker system with surround effect
  •  Audio sampler and 6-track MIDI recorder
  •  Strap pins for playing anywhere
  •  1/4" line outputs to connect to mixers, PA systems, etc.
  •  Class-compliant USB-MIDI connects to the free Casio Music Space iOS/Android app
  •  Includes WU-BT01 Bluetooth MIDI/Audio adapter

Find Your New Voice.

Since 1980, Casio’s mission has been to help musicians find their voice. Now, the Casiotone CT-S1000V gives your music a brand new voice: Its own. Along with 800 stunning Tones and a wealth of musical tools, the CT-S1000V features new Vocal Synthesis technology that brings your words to life.

Innovative Vocal Synthesis

"The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all time, but it is the most difficult to play."
-Richard Strauss

Boldly defying convention, the CT-S1000V does what no other keyboard can do: Speak or type your lyrics into the free Lyric Creator app for iOS/Android, transfer them to the CT-S1000V, and play the keys to hear your words come alive. Choose from multiple vocalist models, and adjust age, vibrato, portamento and other parameters in real time. It can produce choirs, robotic sounds, vocoder-like textures, and more. You can even create a custom vocalist based on an audio recording.


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    Vocal Synthesis with the Casiotone CT-S1000V

    The Casiotone CT-S1000V is the only instrument with Casio's revolutionary new Vocal Synthesis technology, which lets you create lyrics using a phone or tablet and then play them musically using the CT-S1000V's keys.

    Just type or speak your lyrics into the free Lyric Creator app for Android and iOS, then transfer them to the CT-S1000V to play them right away. You can create choirs, talkboxes, vocoder effects, and more with a built-in variety of Vocalist models.

    Adjust parameters like age, portamento, vibrato, and more with the CT-S1000V's controls as you play. The possibilities are infinite.

    NOTE mode allows you to play a single word or syllable on each keypress. You can play lyrics polyphonically, which means the CT-S1000V can create anything from a solo melodic line to lush, chordal harmonies.

    PHRASE mode plays the complete lyric based on your desired timing as you hold down keys. By using legato playing, you can change the notes as the phrase plays.

    Key Control adds another very useful way to play- Select an individual syllable within your lyrics by holding down a key in the lowest octave, then use your right hand to play it however you want.

    All of the CT-S1000V's live controls and DSP effects are available while using Vocal Synthesis.

    - Add a stompbox, amp simulator, phaser, flanger, or anything else to create a sound all your own.
    - You can freely set the assignable knobs to change nearly any parameter in your effect chain.

    One of the best aspects of the CT-S1000V's new voice is that it can go far beyond a traditional one.

    - Expand your vocalist’s pitch range by changing the settings of your pitch bend wheel.
    - Add motion to your lyrics with the CT-S1000V’s built-in arpeggiator. Try combining this with Key Control for supernatural results!
    - Use Retriggering to add stutter effects or create unique rhythmic textures.