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Dunlop Dual Design Straplok System - Nickel - SLS1031N

Dunlop Dual Design Straplok System - Nickel - SLS1031N
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Please follow instructions very carefully and use all provided parts. If you do not feel comfortable performing this installation yourself, have it done by a reputable luthier or guitar repair technician.

Locking Pin Assembly:

  • 1. Slip locking pin (1) through the recessed washer (2).
  • 2. Insert locking pin (1) through strap hole (3).
  • 3. Slip flat washer (4) over locking pin (1) against strap (3).
  • 4. Snap retainer clip (5) into locking pin’s shank groove (1).

Strap Button Instructions:

  • 1. Secure body of instrument to a flat surface such as a table or workbench and remove existing strap buttons.If neck is bolted on,remove it for easier access.
  • 2. With a 7/64ʺ bit, drill 7/8” deep into existing strap button hole.
  • 3. Place strap button (6) over hole. Lubricate tip of mounting screw (7) with a small amount of wax or bar soap and screw it into the strap button hole



To Lock:

  • 1. Press locking pin plunger (1) & insert pin assembly into strap button (6).
  • 2. Release plunger when unit is FULLY locked.
  • 3. Pull on strap to check for secure lock.
  • To Unlock:
  • 1. Press locking pin plunger (1).
  • 2. Remove locking pin (1) from strap button (6) and release plunger.


It is important to periodically maintain the Straplok system. Keeping the ball bearings and the locking pin lubricated is VERY important, as is making sure there is nothing inside the strap button. We recommend the following items to assist you:

  • 1. Cotton Swabs
  • 2. Lubricant Spray