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Fishman Platinum Stage External EQ/DI Effects Pedal - PROPLT301

Fishman Platinum Stage External EQ/DI Effects Pedal - PROPLT301
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Intended for acoustic guitar, bass, or any other acoustic instrument with a pickup and a 1/4" output, the Fishman Platinum Stage EQ is a belt-mountable preamp and DI boasting an analog signal path and tone-shaping options. Connections are possible via 1/4" input and 1/4" output jacks, though there’s also an XLR DI for feeding audio straight to the house’s PA, mixer, or a recording interface. This output is pre-/post-EQ switchable, meaning you can route a tonally shaped or unprocessed signal through this section of the preamp. It can also provide 48V phantom power to the unit.

The preamp itself utilizes a high-headroom Class-A design, with a four-band EQ section that can be voiced separately, by means of a switch, for bass and guitar. A phase switch aids you in the never-ending battle against feedback in live scenarios.

To add a little more volume for solos or other stand-out sections, a boost button has been provided, its level of gain adjustable by means of a wheel located next to the button. Simply depress this button to engage the boost. You’ll also find an input trim pot to better attenuate your pickups to the signal path provided by the Platinum Stage. It comes with a belt clip for easy on-stage attachment to your person. In addition to drawing upon 48V phantom power, the unit can run using a 9V battery, or with an optional power supply.


Audio Connections 1 x 1/4" instrument input, phone type
1 x 1/4" instrument output, phone type
1 x XLR DI output
Tone Controls Low Cut control: 30, 80, and 160 Hz
Bass control: ±12 dB at 150 Hz (guitar), ±12 dB at 115 Hz (bass)
Middle control: ±12 dB at 200 Hz to 3.1 kHz; Q = 1.3
Treble control: ±12 dB at 6 kHz (guitar), ±12 dB at 3 kHz (bass)
Controls Volume knob
Bass knob
Mid Freq knob
Treble knob
Middle knob
EQ Mode selector
Low Cut selector
Pre-/Post-EQ selector
Phase In/Out selector
Boost button
Boost wheel
Input trim pot
Impedance Input: 10 MOhms
Output: 1 kOhm (amp, nominal); 600 Ohms (XLR DI, nominal)
Input Trim Gain range: -6 to +14 dB
Output Amp level: -∞ to +6 dBV
XLR level: -10 dB relative to input (pre EQ), -6 dB relative to input, (post EQ)
Noise Baseline: -93 dBV, A-weighted
Dynamic Range 100 dB, A-weighted
Power Supply 9 V battery, 48 V phantom power, or 9 V adapter (available separately)
Power Adapter Fishman 910-R (for 110 V) or suitable filtered and regulated, 200 mA type, tip = negative
Current Consumption 7 mA, typical in-use
Battery Life (approx.) 70 hours using alkaline battery