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GreenHouse Roots Fuzz Effects Pedal - GHROOTSF

GreenHouse Roots Fuzz Effects Pedal - GHROOTSF
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The Greenhouse Effects Roots Fuzz is the latest fuzz pedal from the Israel-based brand. The first in the new Roots range, its budget-conscious design forsakes the innovation and versatility of the flagship pedals for back-to-basics functionality with a twist...

DSS Switching

The Roots Fuzz is a dual-channel fuzz, using DSS (Dual Switching System) to access two separate channels as well as turn the effect on and off, with just one footswitch.

Loosely based on the Big Muff, the Roots Fuzz is an aggressive sounding pedal, with each channel having a distinctive voice:

Red Channel

More open sounding, smoother, with more headroom and a hint of upper octave at maximum gain.

Blue Channel

Darker, denser and more compressed, with plenty of sustain and bloom.

Tone Control

The Tone control is useable right through the range - Roy recommends trying it with the tone turned completely down.

Sustain Control

The Sustain control takes you from medium gain settings through to heavy distortion and then a wall of fuzz


  • Great value Big Muff-style fuzz pedal
  • Innovative DSS footswitch with dual-channel feature
  • Soft touch, silent switching
  • Volume, Tone & Sustain controls
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included)