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Pearl 40" Bamboo Rhythm Water Rainstick - PBRSB40694

Pearl 40" Bamboo Rhythm Water Rainstick - PBRSB40694
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Pearl has expanded its line of shakers to include six Bamboo Rainsticks ranging in size from 16” to 60” and available in 2 unique finishes. Our natural Bamboo Rainsticks are 2.5” in diameter and feature an internal spiral maze of tines, that a cascade of lava pebbles flow over to create the soothing sound of falling rain.

A portion of the sales from Pearl's Rainsticks are donated to The Rhythmic Arts Program. (TRAP) educates individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities as well as typical young children, by embracing a unique methodology that encompasses rhythm as a modality to address basic life and learning skills as well as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Care Guide for Rainsticks: Pearl Rainsticks consist of natural Bamboo making them subject to react to environmental conditions. Refrain from storage near air conditioning or heater vents, areas that produce a high degree of constant airflow (hot/cold) and avoid exposure to quick drastic changes in temperature and humidity. Failure to do so may result in cracking or splitting of the instrument. For the utmost in care, we recommend a moderate stable climate suitable for humans.