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Sabian HHX Anthology High Bell Hi-Hats: 14 Inch - 114XAHN

Sabian HHX Anthology High Bell Hi-Hats: 14 Inch - 114XAHN
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To commemorate their 40th anniversary, SABIAN is proud to introduce the Anthology Collection. Created out of a collaboration between SABIAN's very own Mark Love and Jojo Mayer, these new cymbals will be part of the HHX series.

The six new models embody Jojo’s belief that it is the player who decides what cymbals are – crash or ride – and either way, SABIAN knows people are going to love these cymbals.

Each cymbal will be individually marked with its weight in grams.

The Anthology logo not only has a unique look, but also an unusual positioning on the cymbal, something which further exemplifies the creativity of Jojo and Mark. Jojo’s input at SABIAN has produced some of their most sought-after cymbals – Fierce Hats, Crashes, and Rides and the Omni – all of which have been very well received – and they’re confident these latest models will be equally as popular.