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P-Rails Humbucker/P90 Bridge Electric Pickup Set in Black

P-Rails Humbucker/P90 Bridge Electric Pickup Set in Black
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The P-Rails humbucker allows users to access the tones of humbucker, P90, and Strat pickups with just one pickup, eliminating the need for multiple guitars. Switch between these voicings with just two switches using the included Triple Shot mounting rings, removing the need for mini toggle switches and push pull pots.

This pickup set offers two P-Rails, one at the bridge and one at the neck. They can each be split into an authentic P90 or a Rail coil, giving you a Strat-like tone. With both coils engaged, you get a big, full-punch humbucker. The neck P-Rail is RWRP (reverse wind, reverse polarity), so it'll be hum-free when used with any single coil in the bridge. Arched rings are included for guitars with a Les Paul-style carve, while flat rings are ideal for other guitars.

Handcrafted in Santa Barbara, CA, these P-Rails humbuckers feature a pair of alnico 5 bar magnets, 4-conductor lead wire for various wiring options, and are vacuum wax potted to eliminate squeals.