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Invader 7 str I68 Active Mount Soapbar Neck Electric Pickup in Black

Invader 7 str I68 Active Mount Soapbar Neck Electric Pickup in Black
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Installing an Invader drastically alters the tone of a guitar. Even with the most potent of stock pickups, the Invader will turn an instrument into a powerful, dynamic sound machine. The potency originates from the special over-wound coils, three strong ceramic magnets, and colossal metal oxide pole pieces. These poles augment the magnetic field, granting an extended frequency response. The ceramic magnets add layered tones while the broad hex caps bring even string-to-string levels.

The Invader offers a powerfully deep low-end response along with crunchy treble for supremely balanced chords. Visually, the Invader bridge looks intimidating, while the neck humbucker surprisingly yields smooth warmth. With its black soapbar cover and two rows of exposed hex poles, this passive humbucker boasts a modern active aesthetic, perfect for retrofitting into any 7 or 8-string guitar with an active pickup rout.

Crafted in their Santa Barbara, CA facility, the Invader Active Mount delivers three extensive ceramic bar magnets, oversized metal oxide pole pieces, nickel silver bottom plate, 4-wire lead for a variety of wiring possibilities, and is sealed with wax to provide noiseless operation.