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Xotic Super Clean Buffer Boost Effects Pedal - CLEANBUFFER

Xotic Super Clean Buffer Boost Effects Pedal - CLEANBUFFER
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+12dB of clean boost and EQ DIP switches for total control!

The Xotic Super Clean Buffer is designed with the purist guitar player in mind.

The Super Clean Buffer incorporates a high performance Class A preamplifier built around the famous JRC4558 chip.

While in buffer mode, it uses a discrete circuit for the most open and wide spectrum tone.

The Super Clean Buffer also offers a robust and rich +12dB clean boost.

Its external DIP switches allow you to fine-tune which frequencies are emphasized by the boost.

Eliminate losses caused by long cables and multiple effects.

Have you ever felt that your tone is dull and flat when running through long lengths of cables and pedals?

No matter if you have a refrigerator-sized pedalboard or only plug into one pedal, the Super Clean Buffer maintains great tone!

Xotic Super Clean Buffer specifications:

• Built with premium components.

• Dimension: 3.6” x 1.5” x 2.0”.

• Weight: 0.70lbs.

• Power: 9 - 18V DC.

• Power consumption: 5mA.