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Yamaha Classical Guitar - CG102

Yamaha Classical Guitar - CG102
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Building on the experience, know-how and skills of the art-master instrument maker Yamaha, the Concert Series has been developed.

With their large selection of instruments, this series offers high-quality guitars for every guitar player from the best materials. The tools of the CG series have thinner frames and floors and a thinner finish to achieve a better response. The thinner necks, easier playability. Slightly lighter in weight, these guitars still develop a high volume and are comfortable to play. In sum, while it features a more mature sound, excellent balance over the whole range and exceptional quality, value and value for money.

The CG Series makes it a perfect choice for guitarists who are serious about their music. For beginners, the cheapest concert guitar CG 102 from Yamaha with their inspiring sound of the perfect entry into the world of classical guitar playing.